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Full Stack Web Development Training Courses

Full Stack Web Development Courses

This extensive project-based course is designed to cover Full-Stack web development from scratch. It includes HTML5, CSS3 & BootStrap 4 for creating responsive and elegant webpages; JavaScript & jQuery for rich and more interactive UI development for web applications; PHP & Laravel Framework for back-end web development. Database programming for web using Eloquent ORM & MySql. Developing REST Services/API using PHP & Laravel Framework; and Consuming REST Services using AJAX & JSON. The course also covers essentials of Angular for modern single page web application development.

Course Outlines

Introduction Web Development, HTML, HTML5 & IDEs

Basics of HTML & CSS and HTML Headings, Paragraphs & Images

HTML Text Formatting, Links, Entities and Inline vs Block Level Elements

HTML Lists: Unordered List, Ordered List and Description List

iframe to Display Web-Pages from other Websites on your Website

Detailed Overview of HTML5 and HTML5 Semantic Elements

Using Audios and Videos on Websites using HTML5 Elements

Creating Forms to Collect Data from Users using HTML5 & CSS3

Creating and Using CSS Styles: Inline CSS, Internal CSS & External CSS;

Using CSS3 Styles with div, p, span etc. for Creating Beautiful Web Pages

CSS3 Box-Model: Padding, Margin, Outline, Border, Background

CSS3 Floating, Positioning, Overflow, Image-Opacity and Image-Sprites

CSS3 Media Queries in Detail & Creating fully Responsive Web Pages

Introduction to BootStrap 4 and BootStrap 4 Grid System in Detail

BootStrap 4 Typography, Tables, Images, Thumbnails and Buttons

BootStrap 4 for Creating Elegant Forms for Collecting User Data

BootStrap 4 Jumbotron, Tooltips, Popovers, Alerts, Spinners & Badges

BootStrap 4: Navs, Navbars, Menus, Tabs, Dropdown and Collapse

BootStrap 4 Pagination, Modals, Cards, Image Carousel and Scrollspy

JavaScript Statements, Expressions, Conditions and Loops

JavaScript Objects, Functions, Arrays and Events

Working with Numbers, Strings, and Dates in JavaScript

Testing and Debug a JavaScript Applications

Create object-oriented JavaScript applications

Using Regular Expressions, Handling Exceptions and Validating Data

Events, Images, and Timers, Closures, Callbacks and Recursion

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) in JavaScript Applications

Selecting and Manipulating DOM Elements with jQuery

Using jQuery for Event Handling, Basic Animations and Effects

jQuery AJAX Calls ( load(), get(), post(), ajax(), getJSON(), getScript() )

Handling Responses of AJAX Call in Plain Text, HTML and JSON format

Xammp & Netbeans Installation (PHP7 & MySql)

Introduction to PHP, Basic PHP syntax & Conditional Statements

PHP Programming: Loops (for, While , Do-while & Foreach)

PHP Programming: Arrays , Super Global Arrays & Functions

PHP Programming: Built in function’s

PHP Programming: Intro to OOP, Data members & Data function

PHP Programming: Access modifiers & Encapsulation

PHP Programming: Magic Methods, Setter, Getter & Constructors

PHP Programming: Inheritances, Polymorphism, Abstraction

PHP Programming: Interfaces, Final Class, Static Function

Introduction of Git Version-Control System & Git Installation

Flow chart of Repositories, Branches & Git Commands

Installing SourceTree GUI for Git & Composer Package Manager for PHP

Download Latest Laravel Framework via Composer

Intro of Laravel Directory Structure, Laravel Routing

Laravel Framework: Create Controller via PHP Artisan

Laravel Framework: Intro to Blade Template Engine

Laravel Framework: Integrating Front-End theme to Laravel

Laravel Framework: Build a Template Configuration based

Laravel Framework: Create a components blade file and load in main controller file

Laravel Framework: Load Layout in controller

Laravel Framework: Create a global css and js file and load in main controller

Laravel Framework: Download Laravel html collection package (form and html).

Laravel Framework: Create a registration form & Intro of CSRF Token

Laravel Framework: Create Forms & Handling Client side validation

Laravel Famrwork: Uploading / Downloading Images using Laravel

Introduction to Lumen Laravel Micro Framework for REST Services

Create & Managing Databases for Web using MySQL

Intro of Eloquent Laravel ORM Framework & Installation

Database Programming using Eloquent & MySql

Migration, Schema Builder, Seeders & Factories Eloquent

REST APIs / REST Services: API routes, Controllers & Models

Essentials of cURL for Consuming REST APIs / REST Services

Consuming REST Services / REST API using AJAX and JSON

Essentials of Angular for Creating Modern Web Applications

Testing, Debugging & Publishing Website to a Commercial Server

Total Duration of the course is 6 months (24 Weeks, with 3 classes of 1.5 hours in a week).