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MERN Stack Web Development Course

MERN Stack Web Development Training Course

In this project-based course students will learn to develop web applications MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express, ReactJS and NodeJS). It includes development of the server side (Back-End) of the application using NodeJS, Express Framework and MongoDB in the form of REST APIs and the Front-End of the web application using React, Redux & BootStrap by consuming REST APIs.

Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & BootStrap is required for this course. People not having this background should take our Front End Web Development Course prior to this course.

Course Outlines

MERN Essentials & JavaScript ES6

Introduction to MERN Stack Web Development

Components of MERN (MongoDB, Express, Node JS & React JS

Setting Development Environment for MERN Stack Web Development

Quick Review of JavaScript & JavaScript ES5 vs ES6

ES6 syntax, difference between var, let and const,

Control with block scoping, Template literals

Object destructuring, Spread and Rest Operators

Methods and Modules, Arrow Functions (Map, Reduce, Filter etc.)

OOP in JavaScript (Classes, Inheritance etc.)

Default and named import/export, Short-Hand property Syntax

Fetch/then, Async & Await Keywords

React & Redux for Front End Web Development

React Big Picture, History & Goals

Setting up your Development Environment: Node.js, NPM and Git

Introduction to React and JSX

Configuring your React Application

React Components

Composing Components

React Components: State and Props

React Components: Lifecycle Methods

React Component Types

Presentational and Container Components

Functional Components

React Router

Single Page Applications

React Router: Parameters

Controlled Forms

Controlled Forms Validation

Uncontrolled Components

Uncontrolled Forms

Introduction to Redux

React Redux Form

React Redux Form Validation

Redux Actions

Combining Reducers

Redux Thunk

React-Redux-Form Revisited

Client-Server Communication

Networking Essentials

Fetch & Promises, Error Handling

Node JS, Express & MongoDB for Backend Development

Intro to backend Development with NodeJS, Express and MongoDB

Node.js Big picture, History & Goals

Setting up Development Environment

Introduction to Node.js and NPM

Understanding Node Modules

Introduction to Express

Setting up Node Server

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing

Restful API (Sending Requests & Responses)

Express Router

Introduction to MongoDB

Node and MongoDB

Callback Hell and Promises

Mongoose ODM

REST API with Express, MongoDB and Mongoose

Basic Authentication

How Authentication Works

Express Sessions

User Authentication with Passport

Token Based Authentication

User Authentication with Passport and JSON Web Token

Custom Authentication Middleware

Deployment & Configuration of MERN Stack Web Application

3 Month (12 weeks; with 3 training sessions of 1.5 hours a week)