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Top 10 Samsung Smartwatches in 2021

When it comes to smartwatch popularity, there’s no denying that Apple is the leader on the market, this may come as a surprise considering that most smartwatches are compatible with the iPhone. But for those who have decided not to jump on the Apple bandwagon, there is one brand that is keeping them on their heels – Samsung.

Samsung is producing some of the best smartwatches available and since more and more people are looking into getting a smartwatch, either for fitness reasons or for daily convenience, I decided to take a deeper look at the best Samsung watches on the market. 

Turns out, Samsung produces a number of top-tier lines of smartwatches, most of which can give even the most advanced Apple watches a run for their money. In fact, I think plenty of people will prefer this top Samsung watches over the competition for reasons which I’ll get into below.

However, my real recommendation is to look at Samsung watches if you already have a Samsung phone. Many of the best Samsung watches will pair nicely with a Samsung Galaxy or other mobile device, not just in terms of raw ease of use but also because of a few extra features that will impress you and make you raise your eyebrows.

Interested? Let’s get started and dive straight into an overview of the top 10 Samsung smartwatches I found in my search for the best.  

Top 10 Samsung Smartwatches in 2021 – At a Glance

  1. Best Overall Samsung Watch – Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
  2. Best Samsung Watch for Fitness – Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
  3. Best Value Active Samsung Watch – Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
  4. Cheapest Fitness Samsung Watch – Samsung Galaxy Fit
  5. Best Value General-Use Samsung Watch – Samsung Galaxy Watch
  6. Best Budget Samsung Fitness Watch – Samsung Gear Sport
  7. Best Hybrid Samsung Watch – Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro
  8. Best Samsung Watch for a Classic Look – Samsung Gear S3 Classic
  9. Best Samsung Watch for Men – Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm
  10. Best Samsung Watch for Women – Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Rose Gold

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